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It’s pretty obvious that this economy, although recovering, is nowhere close to where it needs to be. I don’t think I need to mention the stuff you hear in the news every day.

Unrest in Syria, and most recently the Ukraine.

North Korea and China are creating destabilizing forces in the economy.

The Euro is still in major trouble.

And then there’s the US.

Obamacare rollout issues have created instability.  These hype-based IPOs that seem to come out every few months where they’re all the rage trumping up the market, only to see it fall right back down when reality hits… This messes with the markets too.

And folks, that was just from TODAY’s newspaper headlines.

And I’ll be the first to tell you: It never ends. It’s the media. It’s what they do. We unfortunately live in a society where the media creates exaggerated stories, and the markets listen and respond with inappropriate volatility.

Now personally, I love that things operate this way. The more turmoil in the world, the more “toys” I get in my drive way. But don’t worry, I’ll explain that in a minute.

So the bad side to all of this turmoil is lack of jobs.

Turmoil creates uncertainty, and in the real world, with real CEOs and real CFOs uncertainty creates conservatism. And that my friends is not good for jobs. When the projections can’t be clear, then these c-level execs error on the safe side and that means:

No new hires


Current employees will not be receiving raises.

Benefits? Expect them to stay the same or more than likely: DECREASE.

That’s why you see the terrifying trend of professionals looking for 2nd jobs. They have a great education, they have great work experience, they basically did everything right.

But the income just isn’t there.

This troubles me. I think it isn’t fair. People who have the ambition to work, or have the experience or education, or simply the will to make a better life for themselves should be able to do so. The fact that the world is like that was a MAJOR inspiration for me to do what I do.

And if you’ve followed me for any length of time, then you know I take working with my students to ensure their success in life VERY seriously. In fact, I was running a candlestick trading session with a few of my most successful students (We call it the millionaire’s club!) and they brought up a few “war stories” from earlier in their lives.

There was a common thread amongst all of them, and that thread was this:

I wish I knew then, what I know now.

A pretty common concept that’s been around for well, forever. But their story was more specific. They wished they knew how to trade the markets then, like they do now.

Instead, they hunted for second or third jobs, or they simply suffered.

They went without.

They skipped that annual vacation.

They didn’t buy the healthiest foods, but foods that went “further.”

Some even had to declare bankruptcy.

And I have to be honest. This little lunchtime conversation really struck a chord with me. It made me realize that there was a need there. A need to add the same income that a 2nd job could bring to people that need it the most, WITHOUT them having to work a second or third job.

Now I asked myself, what would I have told these people about if I just had a small window to reach them.

If I had just one route to go, just one shot to teach them one thing that would work easily, consistently and deliver profitable results time and time and time again… What would it be?

Then it hit me: OPTIONS.

Now wait a second. Before you start to tell me that Options are no big deal. That Options have been around for forever. Or that Options are way too dangerous to trade on a regular basis, I want you to WAIT.

Stop for a second and let me explain. Because how I do Options is NOT how everyone else does.

Most professional Options traders will agree that you really need a true education in Options before you even think of placing your first order. And we’re not talking about a few minutes of training, but weeks, months, or in some cases you need to invest years upon years of training.

If you really want to trade Options successfully, then my professional opinion is the latter.  I personally don’t think anyone should use Options unless they’ve had the equivalent of a Master’s Degree in Options before you start. That’s years of training.

Otherwise you’re basically gambling. Sometimes you might win, but you’ll probably lose more often than you win.

And luck is not on your side. Most get wiped out in a matter of days or even just a handful of trades.

I know this, because I’ve been doing this for many many many years. I have what I believe to be a Master’s Degree in Options.

If I really add up the hours and years I’ve spent mastering Options, it’s more like a PhD!

Trading Options has always been deemed a “trick of the 1%’ers” and I agree. It’s been a trick that’s helped me become one of the 1%.

“Great Stephen! Thanks a lot. If they’re so hard, and only a tool for the elite, then why would you tell someone like me who’s a working stiff, who needs a 2nd income that this is the way to go?”


With my Options method, you’re not going to need to get a Master’s Degree in Options trading.

You’re not going to have to go through the trials and tribulations of learning every single nuance of Options trading.

You’re not going to have to learn how to carefully craft a complex trading plan that incorporates the intricacies of candlestick trading, and cross reference them to Options in a way that delivers ten-fold results year after year after year.



You see, that’s how this is different. If I was going to help someone add a 2nd job’s worth of income to their lives, without having to do much work, then it has to be Options because they’re so reliably profitable. You just have to be close to win big trade after trade after trade.

But I want you to skip the boring, tedious and long drawn out process of learning how to master them, since I already have.

So this is what I’m proposing:

I have set up a newsletter system called Weekly Options Edge, where every week, I share my Options selections and you.  Simple as that.

I’ll show you in a video how and why I selected it and how I plan on placing the trade. There will be NO mystery to my trades. Nothing complex…..nothing fancy….but very effective!

And as a hidden benefit, you’ll actually learn the patterns behind proper Options investing, so after a while, you’ll see these picks jump out at you.

It’s like subconscious learning.

So every single week, just like getting your weekly pay check, you’ll get my picks.

I’m thinking maybe you’ll need to commit 10 minutes a week? Maybe more or less depending on your current proficiency or trading software, but I think it’s safe to say that you can get the income of a 40+ hour a week job, in a matter of minutes.

Week, after week, after week, after week. Now, I want to put you skeptics to bed first and foremost, so take a look at this:

Right there is recent proof that this works. And judging from those numbers, it’s working especially well!

When you see a proof document like that, it hits all the right chords. It shows wins AND losses so you know it’s not some robot driven BS that someone made up only to see crash and burn in a very short time.

Cause guess what, you WILL lose from time to time. That’s how this works. Except it’s all about how you handle those loses. And the best way to handle them is with far more wins.

So that gets us to the 2nd “great” part about this document. It shows multiple wins, by far outweighing the number of losses, and they’re  BIG wins.

Lose small, win big. That’s the key to a successful trading plan.

Now numbers are number are numbers. They’re great and all, and essential for you to see so that I can earn your trust. But they’re not exactly fun.

You know what is fun? Being able to enjoy yourself. To travel. To not worry about money anymore. To get a bigger house. To feel the security of knowing your children are taken care of. To enjoy the finer things in life. And you know what I enjoy?


But not any cars. You see, I’m old school. I’m from an era where hard work was rewarded and everything you owned had value. It was all designed beautifully not because it had to be, but because it should be. And in my eyes, nothing else in this world exemplifies that more than vintage American Iron.

Yes, the big, beautiful, luxurious cars of the 50s and 60s is what stole my heart, and it’s what I’ve used to make me happy and improve my standard of living now for years.

So knowing that I’m a full time gearhead, I did a little experiment. I started to use my Weekly Options Edge advisory service as a “fun fund.”

I just made my picks and traded them like anyone following my service would. Just like you would. Just like my neighbor would. Just like anyone who wanted an easy second income would.

So every time an Options pick would pan out, I would take my profits and buy a new toy.

I make sure I have skin in the game, and that the losses and wins affect me just like they do you. And, well, let’s just say if you were following me, you’d have a lot of toys!

One  week allowed me to pick up this beauty:

A few weeks later, I thought this would look nice in my driveway:

Then, I had a slow week, so I took a little break, but then things went gangbusters and I had an outstanding MONTH.

So, I rewarded myself with these babies:

Then, just as I was in the middle of doing this, I got an alert on my phone that I was the winning bidder on this piece of rolling artwork:

I have to be honest with you, these rare cars, in this kind of shape do NOT come cheap. Which only further proves the power of riding my coattails on this.

These cars could be yours. Or think of these as vacations. Or think of these as College Funds for your grandchildren. Or think of this as your mortgage. Whatever goals and aspirations you have in life…


It takes so little of your time. It’s stupid simple. And as you can clearly see, it works.

I mean, all you’re doing is following along and learning the trades as I’m doing them.

Live a better life. End of story. It really is that simple.

Now cost, the cost is $397 per quarter and you’ll immediately get delivered every one of my picks, week after week, and you can start right now.

It’s that simple. And again, it’s only going to cost you $397 per quarter.

That’s basically a hubcap’s worth:

It’s just an inconsequential price for a whole new way to live.

So are you going to keep struggling? Or are you going to add a second income to your life by only “working” (if that’s what you want to call it) merely minutes a week?

If you’re ready to give it a try, just press the add to cart button below and we’ll get started.

Weekly Options Edge
$397 every 3 months