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These additional videos delve even deeper into the Triple-T trading strategies… letting you know how to use the system in many different scenarios and special situations… so you will never be at a loss knowing what to do in any market backdrop.

Here is the powerful information unveiled on these extraordinary videos:

  • Triple-T Trading: Timing the Best Trade Entries

Retail Value: $103.72.

This video contains over 47 minutes of unique information designed specifically to help you pinpoint your trade entries and exits… almost down to the very second you should execute them.

You’ll discover the near magical effect of the combination of candlesticks and the T-Line, and how to use this information to become a deadly accurate trader.

Your confidence as a trader will soon soar with the information you’ll learn on this video, as you execute trade after trade with surgeon-like precision.

  • Triple-T Trading: The T-Line Crunch

Retail Value: $277.00.

This video contains over 26 minutes of more in-depth information on one of the most explosive trade setup potentials I’ve ever seen.

You really want to pay attention to how the T-Line Crunch is formed. You can score some powerful short-term profits you’ll be extremely happy with, once you discover how to recognize this dynamic situation.

  • Triple-T Trading and the Fry Pan Bottom

Retail Value: $119.77.

The combination of candlesticks, my Triple-T system, and certain setup patterns can make for a tremendously powerful scenario for fast, unusually large gains.

This “Perfect Storm” scenario can be called “Triple Threat Trading”!

One of the most explosive patterns is what I call the Fry Pan Bottom. In this video, you’re going to get exclusive training on this dynamic setup pattern, and how to trade it using my Triple-T system for maximum profits.

Want to become a “Triple Threat” trader as the Fry Pan Bottom serves you with “delicious” returns? Then watch this video.

  • Triple-T Trading: The Slow Curve

Retail Value: $88.77.

In this video, I’m going to reveal another pattern which… if played correctly with my T-Line and Triple-T trading techniques… can often lead to fast, explosive gains.

And if you liked the Fry Pan Bottom video, you will LOVE this one!

I call this pattern the Slow Curve. Although similar to the Fry Pan Bottom, it has certain nuanced differences you need to know about to play it for maximum profits.

I reveal those differences and how to master the Slow Curve in this video.

  • T-line Trading For Fast Profits

Retail Value: $127.77.

Timing is everything. You need a tool that helps you make confident calls under pressure. Interpreting fast price moves can be overwhelming.

They require on-the-spot decisions and the wrong assumption can be devastating. T-line Trading for Fast Profits lets you keep your cool!

Arm yourself with indispensable tools you can start using tomorrow:

  • How to protect your gains when trading
  • Early alerts when a trend is about to turn against you
  • When it’s safe to stay in a trend; even after a sell signal
  • See optimal selling points in oversold conditions
  • Identify price support
  • … and so much more!

Now, you’ll see a clear picture telling you when to get in (and get out) of quick moving charts.

It’s time to discover what others call a ‘worry-free approach to trading’.

Armed with these additional Triple-T Trading weapons, you might just be unstoppable in the trading market of your choice. Imagine how you can feel, trading with full confidence, banking profit after profit on almost every trade using one of the most deadly accurate (yet easy to learn) trading systems I’ve ever come across!

If you add up the normal retail value of the six individual courses, you would come up with $717.03.

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