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Join Stephen Bigalow in his special 2-day online bootcamp and delve even deeper into the Triple-T trading strategies… letting you know how to use the system in many different scenarios and special situations… so you will never be at a loss knowing what to do in any market backdrop.

The T line – an extremely accurate trend analytical tool

Candlestick analysis has a major benefit over all other trading programs! Where most technical trading programs provide indications where a reversal (should, could) be taking place, candlestick signals illustrate what is actually happening at levels where a reversal might be taking place.

But that is only part of the candlestick analysis benefit!

Candlestick signals and patterns not only illustrate when a new trend is starting, but they also illustrate the strength of the new trend. The T-line acts as a natural support and resistance level of human nature. Applied, in conjunction with candlestick signals and patterns, which are the graphic depictions of investor sentiment, you have one of the most powerful and accurate trend analysis combinations.

Do you take profits too early? Do you get constantly whipsawed out of good trades? Using candlestick signals/patterns and the T-line will eliminate those problems.

The Candlestick Forum “Triple T” 2- day training will provide you with visual perspectives that will improve your investing for the rest of your life.


You will learn to use the T-line to enhance:


√ How Doji formations can be an investor's single best alert system for high-profit trades.

√ How to easily identified when a big price move setup is developing...

√ How simple visual analysis prepares you to enter huge profit trades, dramatically improving your probabilities for big profits based upon the location of the T line.

√ How to greatly simplify your trading decisions ( you'll know exactly when to buy and when to sell) eliminating your emotions completely.

√ Gain valuable insights into participating in huge price move breakouts when the rest of the market is trading lethargically. Learn how to stay in a trade with excessive profits to the very end.

√ Use the simple T-line evaluation that will dramatically improve successful trade probabilities for the rest of your trading career.

√ Develop powerful insights for the exact entry strategies to participate in explosive gains.

√ Develop visual analysis that will alter your perspectives, turning losing or mediocre returns into consistent powerful profits.


Want to take the guesswork out of investing? This training unlocks the commonsense application of the T-line to dramatically improve your investment profits.


√ And much more... Keep ahead of the game, you will be exposed to many examples of real-life trades that demonstrate the accuracy the T-line applied to candlestick bullish and bearish profitability. 

Listen, this eye-opening training gives you huge advantages, over other investors in the market, by combining simple confirming indicators with candlestick analysis to provide huge profits.

And my system is so easy...

You do not have to be a sophisticated technical analyst to understand candlestick's

That's because this method is about 90% visual in nature.

The system I reveal will arm you with simple (but extremely powerful) strategies. You'll be able to instantly evaluate how to make big and consistent gains when understanding the probabilities associated with the T-line and candlestick signals and patterns. You will gain valuable insights on how the combination allows you to trade much better…. With total and complete confidence.

How do you make money easily? By knowing the high probability price patterns created by human nature. Price patterns that have been identified for over 400 years.

The system I reveal in this training is indeed simple and highly effective. Many traders try to complicate things and make their trading less effective. Keep it simple, that's how you make big profits!

Seeing is believing! You will not be disappointed. If you want to take your trading results too much higher levels, levels you've only dreamed of, take advantage of this opportunity.

Wouldn't you like to know the trade opportunities that have the greatest potential and be able to maximize the profits of those trades?

Over the past 45 years, Stephen Bigalow has cultivated the 50 to 60 candlestick signals in the candlestick universe down to the 12 major signals. These 12 major signals produce the vast majority of the profitable reversals. Learning these signals keeps investors from spending mental time and energy on signals that they will very rarely utilize.

What are the strongest candlestick reversal signals?

Although each individual candlestick signal is equally relevant (except the kicker signal being a very strong reversal signal) there are signal combinations that produce excessively strong profit potential. The T-line provides an extremely accurate confirmation that a reversal has occurred.

But how do you stay in the strong trades?

Each candlestick signal illustrates investor sentiment. Simple visual combinations of candlestick signals illustrate dramatic changes in investor sentiment, producing extremely strong price moves. Applying the T-line to the trend analysis keeps investors from making emotional decisions, especially when they have excessive profits.

Armed with these additional Triple-T Trading weapons, you might just be unstoppable in the trading market of your choice. Imagine how you can feel, trading with full confidence, banking profit after profit on almost every trade using one of the most deadly accurate (yet easy to learn) trading systems I’ve ever come across!

If you add up the normal retail value of the individual courses, you would come up with more than $900.

But that is nowhere near what you can own them for today.

For this one-time offer only, you can attend Steve Bigalow’s Colossal Triple-T Trading 2-Day Online Bootcamp on October 17th and 18th (and get the recordings) for a mere…


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