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Consistent Trading Strategies with Trend Channels

Trend channels produce a very powerful trading technique. They are plainly visible, which makes them easy to utilize even for the inexperienced investor. No sophisticated software scans are necessary. And with the proper analysis of trend channels, you can achieve consistent trading.

In this mini-course you'll discover methods of using basic trend channel and candlestick analysis to trade in any market.

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  • How to combine simple trend channel analysis with candlesticks to alert potential market reversals again
  • The three types of trend channels you must properly identify to take your trading to new levels…
  • How to anticipate price targets within trend channels
  • How candlestick investors have a visual advantage in trading trend channels. (It has to do with simple human nature… which is clearly depicted by the candlestick signal formation
  • Secrets of high-powered options trade timing using solid trend channel analysis…

… and much more.

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Trend channels can be a boon to every trader and investor in the markets. Their benefits have been proven over many decades of trading. So obviously, trend channel analysis should be a crucial tool in your trading arsenal.

You can gain  confidence in trading techniques by combining simple candlestick analysis with trend channels.

But it's also essential that you do this analysis correctly. Steve Bigalow will show you how to get started...

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