Trading Breakout Patterns

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Topic: Trading Breakout Patterns
Presenter: Stephen Bigalow
Day/Date: Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Time: 7 PM Central (8 PM Eastern)

Breakouts are the most powerful price move in the markets. Everybody wishes they could have bought a stock at two dollars and rode it to $25 in 30 days. Everybody wishes they could have bought a stock at $5 and sold it to $15 in a four day period. What do you do after a stock price has moved 32%, 45%, or 104% in one day? That’s what the candlestick signals tell you.

Learning to analyze what investors are doing after a huge price move allows an investor to participate correctly in a high potential price move. This training webinar illustrates when it’s time to get on board or to when it’s time to take profits in the fast moving prices.

Expand your profit potential by being in price moves correctly. This webinar will give you a whole new perspective on when to be in or out of a high flier.

Topics covered:

  • Recognize when you can still get into a stock that’s moved 30%, 50% etc. in one day. Or, recognize when you’ve missed the big money move!
  • Get on board AND get out. Time this wrong and you will find yourself on the wrong side of a fast moving trade.
  • Volume considerations during breakouts.
  • Understand the crowd mentality behind the patterns. And, why breakout patterns rarely sizzle then fizzle.
  • OVER A FULL HOUR of instruction with a 30-minute Q&A session
  • And so much more!

Get in on the fastest price moves in the market!

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WARNING! LIMITED WEBINAR SEATS ARE AVAILABLE: Due to the nature of this event, I imagine our online training room will be packed. So reserve your “virtual seat” now to avoid missing out!