Top Ranked Candlestick Signals and Patterns

Maximizing Profits with Best Option Strategies

with Stephen Bigalow

You can identify when the big price move will likely occur!

Candlestick analysis can have a major benefit over all other trading programs! Where most technical trading programs provide indications where a reversal (should, could) be taking place, candlestick signals illustrate what is actually happening at levels where a reversal might be taking place.

But that is only part of the candlestick analysis benefit!

Candlestick signals and patterns not only illustrate when a new trend is starting, they can also illustrate the strength of the new trend. When many people are learning how to use candlestick signals, they always ask which signals are the strongest.

Wouldn’t you like to know the trade opportunities that can have the greatest

Over the past 45 years, Stephen Bigalow has cultivated the 50 to 60 candlestick signals in the candlestick universe down to the 12 major signals. These 12 major signals produce the vast majority of the profitable reversals. Learning these signals can keep investors from spending mental time and energy on signals that they will very rarely utilize.

What are the strongest candlestick reversal signals?

Although each individual candlestick signal is equally relevant ( except the kicker signal being a very strong reversal signal) there are signal combinations that can produce excessively strong profit potential. Simple candlestick signal scanning techniques can provide more good trade setups than most investors will ever be able to utilize.

But how do you get into the best of those trades?

Each candlestick signal illustrates investor sentiment. Simple visual combinations of candlestick signals illustrate dramatic changes in investor sentiment, producing extremely strong price moves. The Candlestick Forum has developed a quantified list of the Top Ranked candlestick signals and patterns.

The Candlestick Forum “TOP RANKED” signal training will provide you with visual perspectives that can improve your investing for the rest of your life.


Steve will show us how to:

  • How Doji Formations can be an investor’s single best alert system for high-profit
  • How to identify when a big price move setup is developing…
  • How visual analysis prepares you to enter huge profit trades, and can dramatically improve your probabilities for big profits
  • How you can simplify your trading decisions ( learn when to buy and when to sell) you can eliminate your emotions completely.

Gain valuable insights into participating in huge price move breakouts when the
rest of the market is trading lethargic like. Learn how to stay in a trade and can excessive profits to the very end.

Use simple indicators ( and how to set them up ) that have dramatically improved successful trade probabilities... for over four decades.

Develop powerful insights for the exact entry strategies to participate in explosive gains.

Develop visual analysis that will alter your perspectives, turning losing or mediocre returns into consistent powerful profits.

Want to take the guesswork out of investing? This training can unlock the secrets professional investors utilize.

And much more... Keep ahead of the game, you can be exposed to many examples of real-life trades that demonstrate the accuracy of the 'top ranked' candlestick bullish and bearish profitability.

Listen, this eye-opening training can give you huge advantages overall investors in the market by combining simple confirming indicators with candlestick analysis to provide huge profits.


This method is about 90% visual in nature.

The system I reveal can arm you with simple (but extremely powerful) strategies. You can be able to instantly evaluate how to make big and consistent gains when understanding the top-ranked candlestick signals and patterns are so powerful... With improved confidence.

The system I reveal in this training can be simple and highly effective. Many traders try to complicate things and make their trading less effective. Keep it simple, that’s how you can make big profits!

Saturday, April 22nd, at 9:00 am Central (10:00 am ET) on our live trading room!

Can't make the LIVE event? No worries. The training will be recorded for later viewing.

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