Weekly Options Edge
November 6th, 2013
7:00 PM Central

"I’m going to cover what could very well change your standard of living, your mind, and your bank account."

Hi everyone, Stephen Bigalow here, and I’ve had a bit of an epiphany lately that I want to share with you. First off, let’s take a little journey back in time.

Ok, now I want you to close your eyes and think back. Way back. Try to remember those sitcoms from the 50s. The black and white ones with the nuclear family.

2.5 kids, a dog. The wife has dinner ready as the husband comes home from a long day at the office.

They had nice cars. A nice house. They even had a perfect lawn. Their major concern in life was whether to serve a pot roast or glazed ham at this weekend’s dinner party.

Once the man of the house landed a job (which happened right out of college, or even just out of high school in those days), he pretty much was guaranteed a job for life. Benefits. A pension. A nice holiday bonus.

The company you worked for took care of you from “cradle to grave.”

And if you were investing at the time, everything went nowhere but up. You could easily sock away even just a small portion of your check, and it would automatically turn into a sizable nest egg for you and your family by the time you were ready to get your gold watch and retire… No matter what you invested it in.

It was post-war America and things were… Just peachy.

But that my friends is NOT our reality.

It’s 2013. The world is a different place.

What we’ve experience since then is a total loss of innocence.

The nuclear family is now no longer in existence… And so is the way they made their money.

Now it’s not just the husband working. It’s the husband and wife. If that’s even the case. Often it’s not. We have single parents now, divorces, remarriages, blended families and everything in between. And guess what:

The family members who are working have pretty much doubled their hours spent slaving at their job every week, but they’re still not making enough.

That cliche JOB means Just over broke, is unfortunately painfully true.

Because along with this change in family and income dynamics, adjusted wages are falling. We’re not making as much as our parents did for the first time in history.

And then there’s inflation both current and what’s hidden on the horizon. Gas, food, cars, homes, even a pair of socks… It’s all skyrocketed. It’s palpable. You see it every time you go to the store. And with debt ceilings, possible defaults, artificially low interest rates… A BOMB of inflation could very well be about to go off.

I don’t mean to paint an ugly picture for you, but things are bad.

Really bad.

Again, this isn’t post-war America anymore. It’s 2013 and we’re suffering from constant conflict. Iraq. Afghanistan. And now Syria and Egypt.

Then you have our current situation in Washington. Dysfunctional on all levels. Government shutdowns. Posturing. We’re the laughing stock of the world right now.

And speaking of the world, don’t forget about the financial debacles going on in Europe. Just because it’s not making headlines right now (Our US government is doing a fine job getting plenty of bad press) don’t think it’s not still an issue. The Euro is STILL in big trouble. And with it, Greece, Spain, Italy… If things go south, it’ll be like dominos.

The only stability in our world right now is the fact that we’re dealing with perpetual instability.

And the markets, always the honest storytellers in this world, have taken note.

They’ve been reacting to this instability for years and years and years now. That’s why if you look at any chart (or your 401K or mutual fund statements) you’ll see nothing but volatility.

The traditional way of investing in these volatile markets
is D. E. A. D. Dead.

Look at the S&P 500. Look WAY back. Like 2001 for example. Then follow it up to this past year. What do you see? It’s flat. Dead flat. Sure it went up and it went down, you you’re in the exact same spot that you started in. Yet you still got to enjoy all the anxiety and false hope that comes with watching each and every investment you made sink and rise, only to leave you EXACTLY where you started.

So if you did what your parents and grand parents told you to do, to keep socking that money away every payday. Invest in mutual funds. Follow the S&P 500, because it’s safe and prudent and if you do your part, you’ll end up ahead.

Guess what: you just lost a decade of your life. More than a decade. You’re back at square one.

Stop it. Just stop it right now.

It’s time to stop the madness. It’s time to grow up. It’s time to stop investing in the ways our elders did. It’s time to stop losing money and working hard for nothing…

It’s time to work smarter.

What we need to do is add another income stream to our lives.

That income stream is what all the “Insiders” have been using for years. We need to start acting like those in the know. The wealthy folks who keep getting more wealthy no matter what’s going on in the markets.

Those same people that make us mad, because they seem to do better the worse the economy gets.

We put negative labels on them like “1%ers”, or even say “the rich” with a sneer.

Deep down inside though, we know we’re just angry because it’s not us. It’s a coping mechanism because when we really look into our hearts, we all can agree that we just want to be better providers. We want to have a more stable life. We want to give more to our kids. Ensure better lives for those we love and care about. We want to have healthier lives with reduced stress and anxiety.

How amazing would if feel if money was no longer the thing that you worried about at night, and the first thing that crossed your mind when you woke up?

Imagine what your quality of life would be if you were able to remove this weight from your shoulders and spend more time with your family, went on more vacations, were finally able to get that car, boat, jewelry or whatever it is that you’ve had your eye on the past few years but could never rationalize getting…

It’s time to get real, and add a new stream of income to your life.

One that takes precious little time out of your day, yet adds oh so much stability, calm, and fun to your life.

It’s like having a second or third job… minus the work.

What am I talking about here?


Now if you don’t know much about options, that’s fine. I’m going to get you to “black belt” status on them VERY quickly.

But if you do know a thing or two about Options, great. I want to head off any misgivings you have on them straight away though.

Yes, Options can be tricky. Options can come with a higher risk profile. Options can be confusing and yes, they do require a fundamental knowledge of how to trade them…


Unless you stop trading them the “old” way, and start using this:

Weekly Options Edge

This entire story I just shared with you wasn’t pulled out of thin air. I didn’t make it up. I wasn’t trying to scare you for no reason. This entire story of working hard to get nowhere. Living life to the standards of a bygone era, only setting yourself up to fail.

Investing the same way for 50 years, seeing horrible results, continuing to invest that way and then expecting different results. All this madness, it comes from my students. Everyone I’ve worked with over the decades that I’ve been teaching them my proven investing tactics have ALL had a similar story. It’s only after I’ve shared with the proven ways to trade in this economy, in this modern time, and after they’ve succeeded in building up consistent wealth for their themselves and their families do these stories com up.

That’s and it’s why I want to now talk to you about my Weekly Options Edge.

Remember that S&P reference I talked about earlier? Where you could invest for years and years and years and end up in the same spot? Once my students learned how to trade intelligently inside that “dead span” of 10+ years, did they finally find success. They did it with Options, and that’s is what I’m talking about today. That is what I’m going to show you. And..

That’s is what you’re about to become an expert in.

I don’t want to do it now though. I want you to be in the right frame of mind. I want you to sit down, put on some headphones, grab a cup of coffee and a note pad and I want you to be in “Pay Attention” mode.

Because what I’m going to cover could very well change your standard of living, your mind, and your bank account.

I’m going to put on a private, invite only webinar on November 6th at 7 pm CT.

What: Weekly Options Edge
Who: Stephen W. Bigalow
When: Wednesday, November 6th
Time: 7:00 pm Central

You can reserve your seat with the form to the right.

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In this webinar I will conduct a very concise, powerful, no BS, no fluff educational seminar where I will give those who’ve never traded options before a fast track education in Options where you will be ready to start trading immediately after.

For those who are already veteran options traders, I promise to turn everything you know about them upside down. It will change the way you trade, and leave you wondering why you’ve been doing what you’ve been doing for this long.

It’s that powerful.

Register now, mark it on your calendar, and get ready to add another income stream to your life that WILL change your the way you and your love ones live.

See you inside.