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The Month Ahead Report combines our popular Sector/Seasonality Report PLUS Long-Term Investing Service. Both are packed with actionable research and recommendations.

Long-Term Investing Service

“Now You Can Dramatically Improve Your
Portfolio Returns Using Long-Term
Investing With Candlestick Signals!”

Here are just a few of the many benefits of my Candlestick Forum Long-Term Investing Program. You will...

  1. Discover an entirely new perception for successful long-term investing.
  2. Discern how to identify the correct support and resistance levels for longer-term trades.
  3. Identify where to place stop losses that would reveal a long-term price pattern is not working.
  4. Discover how to use multiple time-frame charting for successful long-term holds.
  5. Learn to analyze short-term moves to confirm long-term trends.
  6. Receive monthly stock recommendations with both technical and candlestick information, along with fundamental confirmation.
  7. Get the names and backgrounds of a handful of the strongest stocks in the market... served to you on a silver platter each and every month!

The service will consist of these five components below in every newsletter issue:

  1. Current Market Outlook – A one-sentence synopsis of market conditions that tells you at a glance if you should be bullish, bearish or neutral on the market in general. No more "guessing" of market direction on your part! We let the market itself tell us what it’s going to do; thus we completely eliminate dozens and dozens of (probably faulty) expert "opinions" of market action.
  2. Current Market Commentary – A quick summary of what’s going on in the markets, detailing any possible news, geopolitical situations, and economic factors that could impact your trading and investing success. One crucial factor here is if all this "stuff" is affecting the market to any degree or not... that in and of itself will give you telltale signs of internal market strength or weakness. Again, I’ll give you everything you need to know here, summarized for your review rather than you having to do this tedious research and analysis on your own. This can save you TONS of time each month!
  3. Major Index Chart Analysis – Charts of the DJIA, S&P 500 and the Nasdaq market indexes with complete candlestick and technical analysis. Here I drill down from the general market outlook commentary to show you in graphical terms what to expect from short-term market movement, so you can plan your trades accordingly. Never fight the markets! Use this analysis to stay in sync with them for maximum success.
  4. Favorite Long-Term Stock Pick of the Month – Out of all my long-term stock scans and analysis, I will pick just one stock to be featured in each issue of the newsletter. I will tell you the complete story behind the stock and the company, including its comprehensive background, why I like it so much, stock data and fundamental analysis, and candlestick and technical analysis. You will be completely armed with all the information you need to make an informed decision of whether or not to purchase the stock for your longer-term investing portfolio.
  5. Stocks on the Watch List – Finally, for those of you who need more than one "Buy" recommendation each month, I will include three additional stocks that I feel are highly attractive based on extremely solid technical, fundamental and candlestick analysis factors.

Sector/Seasonality Report

“It's The "Perfect Storm" Of Stock Trading
Strategies! The Marriage Of The Strongest
Stocks From The Strongest Sectors With
The Strongest Seasonality Tendencies! ”

We are proud to announce a brand-new publication from Candlestick Forum, called The Sector/Seasonality Report.

In this exciting new newsletter, we are going to provide you with actionable research on sector-specific seasonality trends. Each month, you’ll be informed of the exact sectors of the market that typically enjoy a seasonal edge for outperformance over the next 30 days.

And then we take it a step further...

We combine historical seasonality trends with real-time sector rankings to identify high-probability setups. Our top-down, data-driven selection process generates a short list of sector-specific stocks to watch closely in the month ahead.

Also included: Weekly editions of the companion report, On Our Radar, detailing a short list of stock tickers that are poised to outperform (and currently in a two-week pullback).

Combining relative strength and momentum sector investing with seasonality is one of the most powerful stock selection strategies I’ve ever seen!

Test out our brand-new publication The Sector/Seasonality Report and you will quickly see why.

You will receive BOTH the Long Term Investing Service and the Sector/Seasonality Report FREE for the first 30 days.
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