Steve Bigalow’s Candle Profit System

Exclusive to MetaStock, Steve Bigalow’s Candle Profit System is the only Add-on that lets you easily identify Steve Bigalow’s unique candle patterns


The Candle Profit System, designed by Steve Bigalow, is composed of his favorite candlestick signals and pattern formations that have the highest potential for making big profits. These are the patterns that Steve uses in his everyday trading and that he’s been teaching for years in his classroom. Many are commonly formed, very easy to follow, and work exactly the same in all time frames; making them ideal for both day traders and long term investors.

Explorations included in the Candle Profit System:

  • 6 CPS – Doji Patterns
  • 9 CPS – Price Patterns
  • 4 CPS – Power Signals

CPS highlights all patterns. The commentary system identifies all support and resistance patterns and gives a clear view of all the available patterns for MetaStock. It also includes all the patterns and indicators that Steve uses in his daily trading.

Normally $399 now $299!

**The Candle Profit System is exclusive to MetaStock and
requires MetaStock end-of-day or real-time data.

NEED METASTOCK? Purchase the Candle Profit System today and a MetaStock representative will contact you within one business day to setup your Candle Profit System AND your first month free for either MetaStock’s data feed subscription.

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