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Want to know the single, overarching “Steve Bigalow Secret” of successful trading using Japanese Candlesticks?

Here it is…

Candlestick analysis provides you with the opportunity to trade high profit / high probability setups based on one simple factor: human emotions.

The reoccurring aspects of human emotions in the investment markets can lead the astute trader to consistent, outsized profits in any market you care to trade.

And here’s the kicker…

Once you realize… with full confidence… how to harness those human emotions… along with the knowledge of what should occur based on the combinations of certain candlestick signals and specific price patterns… you will have two major factors in your favor for banking profitable trades.

First, your timing for being in a profitable trade will be it optimized.

Second, your trading profits will usually be much greater than merely trading an uptrending or downtrending price move.

And that’s the whole idea behind Steve’s High Profit Candlestick Strategies. After decades of analysis, he has identified a handful of “special situations” – those high-powered combinations of certain candlestick signals and specific price patterns – that can easily produce explosive short-term gains of 31 – 47%... and much more.

These strategies truly comprise the logical next step in your mastery of successful, high-profit investing and trading using Japanese Candlesticks as your guide.

And the good news?

These powerful trade setups are about 98% visual in nature. That means… once you master these dead-simple, easy-to-understand strategies… you’ll be able to tell within seconds if you’re looking at a high-profit trade potential... or a dud trade that’s just a waste of money.

Steve’s High Profit Candlestick Strategies comprise a mere subset of the many unique and exclusive techniques, strategies, and “tricks of the trade” he’s discovered and mastered over more than two decades of hard-core, “in-the-trenches”, real-world trading.

But these particular strategies exploit some of the highest-potential-for-profit scenarios available in the markets.

And these strategies are working like gangbusters in the current markets.

That’s right. There’s no “theory” here.

Only realistic, “no B.S.”, actionable systems using Steve Bigalow’s brand of candlestick and price pattern analysis that can take your trading skills to magnificent new levels.

So if you want even more of Steve’s exclusive, dead-simple-to-implement strategies using his Japanese candlestick chart analysis secrets, here’s some good news for you today…

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  • Trend Channels: How to Identify Easy Profit-Making Opportunities Using Simple Chart Analysis

Retail Value: $128.72.

Most investors and traders have heard the old trading maxim “the trend is your friend.”

But has anyone every revealed to you… in full detail… how to make consistent, outsized trading gains in the trend… for as long as it lasts?

Probably not.

Until now.

What you’re about to discover in this video training is a quick and easy method to combine simple candlestick analysis with Steve’s version of trend channel analysis to not only capture the (sometimes enormous) gains of the entire trend, but also…

Every Single Possible Profit Within The Trend Channel…
For As Long As It Lasts!

You can ride the entire trend for potential substantial gains, of course.

But why not play the sub-trends and counter-trends all along the way for multiple 30-40%+ short-term profits… without having to wait for the big payoff at the end of the trend?

Master Steve’s method of trading trend channels and you’ll be able to do exactly that.

  • The Bobble / T-Line Crunch: A Little-Known, Extremely High Profit Pattern Setup

Retail Value: $135.00.

The Bobble Pattern is an extremely high-profit trade setup that hardly any other trader has even heard of.

It’s composed of six simple, visual elements that… when all six are lined up… can create explosive gains once you’re able to analyze the candlestick patterns that occur at the same time.

The pattern’s success is based on what every other trader in the market is seeing as the price trend hits resistance at key moving averages… and again, how you can exploit simple human emotions to your maximum financial gains.

As a side benefit, you will learn how to stay in the trade to bag the maximum end-game profits… and you’ll never be shaken out of a great trade again!

  • The Doji Sandwich: A “Delicious” Method to Bank Unusually Large Profits

Retail Value: $124.77.

Once you see this high-profit potential candlestick pattern in play, your profit in the trade is all but guaranteed.

The reason? It flashes a near-100% positive indication that a major reversal has occurred, and you can enter the trade with about as much confidence of success as any other trade setup you can think of.

In this video training, you’ll also discover the even more powerful “McMuffin Pattern” – a 5-day candlestick signal that indicates a major new trend is underway – allowing you time to “load up” the trade for potential massive gains.

  • Wedge Pattern Breakouts: How Candlestick Investors Can Exploit This Common Pattern From Classic Technical Analysis for Massive Gains

Retail Value: $133.77.

The Falling Wedge, Rising Wedge and Horizontal Wedge patterns have been recognized for decades by traders experienced in classical Technical Analysis.

But Steve… through his own decades of study… has added some special “secret sauce” to Wedge Pattern analysis using candlesticks that can truly take your trading to exciting new levels.

It all has to do with the candlestick patterns that form at the “wedge compression” areas. And… once you know what they are and how to recognize them… your potential for extremely explosive short-term gains in this scenario is substantial.

It all has to do with the candlestick patterns that form at the “wedge compression” areas. And… once you know what they are and how to recognize them… your potential for extremely explosive short-term gains in this scenario is substantial.

In this video training, Steve reveals strategies and techniques heretofore known to just a handful of traders in the world. You’ll begin to crave these types of Wedge Pattern situations, because you’ll know that they often lead to exciting, portfolio-enhancing short-term profits.

Bottom Line…

If you add up the normal retail value of the four individual courses, you would come up with $522.26.

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You either see the value of Steve Bigalow’s portfolio-enhancing High Profit Candlestick Strategies, or you don’t.

These additional mini-courses add maximum value to Steve’s core strategies, and the information contained in them can help you become the most successful trader you’ve ever been.

Listen, once you know what should be expected from candlestick signals and patterns, you’ll be able to take advantage of the high-profit situations at the most optimal points.

And you’ll be able to profit from massive price moves much earlier than the thousands of other traders using traditional Technical Analysis.

Does that sound good?

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