High Powered Candlestick Signals

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Topic: High Powered Candlestick Signals
Presenter: Stephen Bigalow
Day/Date: Tuesday, October 2, 2018
Time: 7 PM Central (8 PM Eastern)

Candlestick analysis provides you with the opportunity to trade high profit / high probability setups based on one simple factor: human emotions.

The reoccurring aspects of human emotions in the investment markets can lead the astute trader to consistent, out-sized profits in any market you care to trade.

And here’s the kicker…

Once you realize… with full confidence… how to harness those human emotions… along with the knowledge of what should occur based on the combinations of certain candlestick signals and specific price patterns… you will have two major factors in your favor for banking profitable trades.

Steve’s going to show us:

  • How these signals illustrate the trades that have an extremely high probability of trading profitably
  • Why the profitability of the trades are usually inordinately huge
  • A simple visual analysis of the signal combinations make for easy entry and exit strategies
  • And much, much more!

Does all this sound good? If so, I would recommend registering for this webinar right now.

Hope to see you there!

WARNING! LIMITED WEBINAR SEATS ARE AVAILABLE: Due to the nature of this event, I imagine our online training room will be packed. So reserve your “virtual seat” now to avoid missing out!