Candlestick Convergence:
More Strategies to Take Your Trading to New Levels

The Candlestick Forum Convergence Analysis training will provide you with visual perspectives that will improve your investing for the rest of your life.

Why are candlestick signals and patterns so effective?

Candlestick analysis is the visual analysis of what occurs in human nature time after time. Candlestick signals and patterns produce high probability results based on hundreds of years of actual trading results, and they are easy to utilize. Wouldn't you like to be able to identify when the next strong price move is about to occur? Candlestick analysis gives you expected results with a high degree of probability. The results dramatically improve when using a confirm indicator.

But what improves the probabilities even greater?

Two confirming indicators, or three confirming indicators, or four confirming indicators! Simple logic, the more confirming indicators, the greater the probabilities of a correct trade. Will you have any difficulty analyzing multiple indicators? Not! The visual aspects of candlestick analysis produces a massive advantage for chart analysis. You will be able to see multiple confirming indicators instantaneously; it's all visible.

Wouldn't you like to know the trade opportunities that have the greatest potential?

And often asked the question, "On days where there are so many good trade setups, how do we decide which one to take?" That is where simple convergence analysis helps cultivate the profitable trades down to the best trades. The trade that has the most confirming indicators produces the best probabilities.

But how do you get into the best trades?

Each candlestick signal illustrates investor sentiment. Simple visual combinations of candlestick signals define dramatic changes in investor sentiment, producing powerful price moves. The Candlestick Forum can easily teach you how to recognize indicators that will produce high probability results.


Title: Candlestick Convergence Analysis: More Strategies to Take Your Trading to New Levels
Day/Date: Saturday, November 21st
Time: 10:00 AM Eastern (9:00 AM Central)


Not able to attend live? No worries! All registrants will get the recording.

You will learn:

  • Valuable insights into participating in trades with the highest probabilities of performing well based upon multiple confirming indicators. Use simple, easily seen confirming indicators ( and how to set them up ) that have dramatically improved successful trade probabilities...
  • How to easily identified when a significant price move setup is developing...
  • How simple visual analysis prepares you to enter huge profit trades, dramatically improving your probabilities for big profits
  • How to greatly simplify your trading decisions (you'll know exactly when to buy and when to sell), eliminating your emotions.
  • And much more... Keep ahead of the game; you will be exposed to many examples of real-life trades that demonstrate the improved accuracy of trades when multiple confirmation indicators are utilized.


Develop powerful insights for the exact entry strategies to participate in explosive gains, utilizing the 2 plus 2 analysis, the combination of candlestick signals that will result in strong pattern breakouts.

Develop visual analysis that will alter your perspectives, turning losing or mediocre returns into consistent, consequential profits.


Want to take the guesswork out of investing? This training unlocks the secrets professional investors utilize.


Listen, my "Candlestick Convergence Strategy" is an eye-opening training that gives you tremendous advantages overall investors in the market by combining simple confirming indicators with candlestick analysis to provide huge profits.

And my system is so easy...

You do not have to be a sophisticated technical analyst to understand candlestick's

That's because this method is 100% visual in nature.

The system I reveal will arm you with simple (but compelling) results. You'll be able to instantly evaluate how to make significant and consistent gains when understanding the convergence analysis demonstrating which candlestick signals and patterns are the most powerful... With total and complete confidence.

You will not be disappointed. If you want to take your trading results too much higher levels, levels you've only dreamed of, take advantage of this opportunity.


Pricing for the "Candlestick Convergence" Training Event:

Non-Members of Candlestick Forum: $397

Current Members of Candlestick Forum: Only $197!

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Stephen W. Bigalow

Stephen W. Bigalow possesses over 40 years of investment experience beginning in 1976, including eight years as a stockbroker with major Wall Street firms. He holds his Business & Economics Degree from Cornell University and is the author of three top investing books;Profitable Candlestick Trading, published by John Wiley & Sons in January 2002 and the second edition in 2011. High Profit Candlestick Patterns was released in December 2005. His latest book was released at the end of 2010, entitled Candlestick Profits: Eliminating Emotions with Candlestick Signals.

Steve is an active member of AAPTA, the American Association of Professional Technical Analysts and affiliate of the "Market Technicians Association.

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