Certified Candlestick Technician

Master The Art of Candlestick Trading in Just 2 Days


Saturday and Sunday, May 18th & 19th 2-Day Online Training Session

Join me for 2-Days of In-Depth Training and I’ll show you the exact tools you need to become consistently profitable at trading!

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During this training you will learn:

  • The 12 key Candlestick signals
  • Which signals occur most often
  • Which signals produce the biggest profits
  • Which signals produce the best possible trades
  • How to identify each of these profit producing signals
  • The logic behind the formation of these signals
  • How and Why prices move

PLUS, you will also learn:

  • How to tell with a quick glance at a chart if a stock should be bought, sold, or simply left alone
  • How to get a 2 to 3-day head start on every other trader using traditional Technical Analysis… with profits already in hand
  • How to catch the exact bottoms and tops of markets (most traders say this can’t be done… hogwash! (I’ll show you how…)

… and much, much more…

The information is composed of common sense investment perspectives built into easy-to-see graphic formations.

You will soon own valuable information you can exploit in any investment market for the rest of your life.

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Here is a summary of everything you get with your Order

The All New 2013 Edition

12 Major Signals Educational Package – Not for Sale anywhere and only available through private offer

Advanced Pattern Analysis Package

With this robust package you’ll receive:

  • Over 8 hours of newly produced 2013 Edition of the Candlestick chart analysis and training on the 12 Signals you will ever need to learn to trade. Clearly explained and illustrated with the best informative training videos covering everything you need to trade profitably.
  • Expert insight and analysis from Stephen Bigalow, so you not only know what to do, but why you’re doing it!
  • You’ll learn how professional traders know when to buy and when to sell.
  • Candlestick signals illustrated right in front of you showing you how to easily spot these reliable patterns from a mile a way.
  • And so much more!

And because Stephen wants you to have EVERY SINGLE TOOL that he has to offer right now, to further ensure your success, he’s going to include his Advanced Pattern Analysis Pack illustrating High Profit Patterns such as the J-Hook – Scoop Pattern – Fry Pan Bottom – Cradle Pattern – Belt Hold – Gaps – Moving Average Patterns and Breakouts!

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Advanced Pattern Analysis Package
Advanced Pattern Analysis Package


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