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OK, by now you’ve witnessed the raw power of Steve Bigalow’s Candlestick Convergence strategy.

Problems that have perhaps plagued you in the past… such as where to place your entry and exit points in any trade so that you capture the lion’s share of the profit at minimum risk, or exactly where to immediately cut your losses with no emotion whatsoever… are now history when you master the Candlestick Convergence methods.

And get this…

Steve’s Candlestick Convergence strategy is only one of many unique and exclusive techniques, strategies, and“tricks of the trade” he’s discovered and mastered over more than two decades of hard-core, “in-the-trenches”, real-world trading.

That’s right. There’s no “theory” here.

Only realistic, “no B.S.”, actionable systems using Steve Bigalow’s brand of candlestick analysis that can take your trading skills to magnificent new levels.

So if you want even more of Steve’s exclusive, dead-simple-to-implement strategies using Japanese candlestick chart analysis, here’s some good news for you today…

For this special event, the folks at Candlestick Forum have bundled together a group of Steve Bigalow’s most popular products, and have agreed to let them be acquired at a very special price.

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  • The Science of Profitable Entry and Exit Strategies

Retail Value: $103.72.

The information in this video mini-course will quickly take you to “Expert Level” in the art and science of trade execution.

You’ll learn how to pinpoint your trade entry and exit points with laser-like precision. You’ll discover how to bag the “meat of the move” at the lowest risk possible, and the iron-clad psychology of how to cut your losses short on the occasional trades that don’t work out as planned.

In short… you will never forget about how to get in and get out of a trade… ever again!

  • How to Identify Profit-Making Opportunities with Trend Analysis

Retail Value: $277.00.

With this easy-to-use method of trend analysis done the Bigalow Candlestick Convergence way, you will discover little-known strategies for finding high-profit potential trades in any market.

You will learn how to stay in any trade to bag the maximum end-game profits… and you’ll never be shaken out of a great trade again!

  • The Art of Trading Using Gap Analysis

Retail Value: $119.77.

Has this scenario ever happened to you?

In your daily chart analysis, you stumble on an unusual chart, say of a stock that has been “dead meat” for months… or even years. It has done absolutely nothing.

And then one day… BAM! The stock skyrockets 40%. 60%... or even 100% and more in a single day!

On the other hand… how about a stock that does just the opposite… perhaps cratering 60% in one day?

What do you do then?

Are you like most traders, and just ignore the stock, muttering to yourself: “Well, I wish I had a crystal ball, and could have foreseen this monster move yesterday!”?

If so… you’re missing out on some of the most massive moves in the market… and chances to make enough profits on just one trade that you would normally be extremely proud of over one full year!

What you must do is master the art of Gap Analysis.

And that is exactly what you’ll do in this mini-course. You’ll discover unique ways to watch “what happens next” with these mega-movers, and again learn how to catch the “meat of the move”… which with these behemoths, could mean further 400-1,000% profits in your pockets.

  • The Profit-Making Magic of Candlestick Patterns at Major Moving Averages

Retail Value: $88.77.

When certain candlestick patterns form at specific major moving averages, it does almost seem that magic happens… in the form of unusually large short-term gains as the trading trend drastically reverses.

In this mini-course, Steve reveals strategies and techniques heretofore known to just a handful of traders in the world. You’ll begin to crave these types of situations, because you’ll know that they often lead to exciting, portfolio-enhancing short-term profits.

  • How to Project Price Targets

Retail Value: $127.77.

As most of even the savviest traders know, predicting trade price targets is a very difficult, in fact…seemingly impossible task.

But as with most of these common trading “bugaboos”, Steve Bigalow has a simple… yet highly elegant… solution using Japanese candlestick analysis.

And this is true again in this mini-course. Here Steve shows you how to anticipate your trade price targets with such accuracy, it’s almost uncanny.

How much more confident a trader will you be if you can predict… almost to the penny… where your trade should end up, both short-term and long?

Your confidence will soar after mastering the subject matter in this module.

  • Stop Loss Strategies and Techniques: How to Cut Your Losses to the Bone

Retail Value: $88.77.

Finally, Steve dives even deeper into the fine art of cutting your losses short, which should be one of the top two or three tools in every trader’s arsenal.

You’ve probably heard the old traders’ adage “Cut your losses and let your profits run!” a thousand times. In this exclusive mini-course, Steve explains exactly what that means, and how to do it in real-life trading.

If you add up the normal retail value of the six individual courses, you would come up with $805.80.

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OK, so that’s it.

I don’t feel the need to regale you with more “sales-copy” on why this is such an incredible deal, etc.

You either see the value of Steve Bigalow’s profit-pulling Candlestick Convergence Strategy, or you don’t.

These additional mini-courses add maximum value to Steve’s core strategy, and the information contained in them can help you become the most successful trader you’ve ever been.

Does that sound good?

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