"Options Trading is Just TOO HARD!"

"Picking an option expiration date? Not a clue.
Choosing a strike price? Again, clueless.
Buying ITM vs. ATM vs. OTM options? I’m stymied."

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If these are some of the many negative thoughts running through your mind
with options trading... take heart, because help is on the way...

With all the mind-numbing variables that come into play with options, trading them can indeed seem like a daunting task.

After all, you need to be correct on many different factors to be a consistently successful options trader.

Picking the right underlying security... selecting the right strike price and expiration date... should you buy in-the-money (ITM), at-the-money (ATM), or out-of-the-money (OTM) options... it just goes on and on.

But what if there were a simple, mostly graphical solution to all the problems of choosing the best option play?

Well, now there is...

Don't Get "Lost in the Weeds" Trading Options! Introducing...

"Candle Options"!

Candle Options is the latest joint venture product conceived by our own candlestick trading expert Steve Bigalow and Mark Sebastian, former CBOE and Amex floor trader, hedge fund manager and founder of Option Pit. You'll get the "best of both worlds" of true insider candlestick and option trading information... professional-level material that can take your options trading to new levels of excellence.

Here's the massive package of benefits you'll get with Candle Options...

Candlestick Forum Products from Steve Bigalow:

A 6-month membership to the Weekly Options Edge service.

Trading the weeklys is simply the easiest way right now to add a second or third income to your life without having to work another job. Just imagine extra income showing up in your bank account week after week with just a few minutes of effort each week.

That's the power of weekly options.

Here's what you get with Steve's Weekly Options edge service:

  • 12 Training Webinars throughout your 6-month membership - a $3,500 value
  • 25 Weekly Options Edge advisory selections - completely reviewed in Video Format
  • Once Monthly live webinar for WOE Members-only - Q & A with Steve to focus on your needs
  • Private Weekly Options Edge Live Trading Room - enjoy a live chat room with fellow WOE friends

"Projecting Price Targets" downloadable training video.

Projecting Price Targets reveals the human 'tipping point' at important junctures in the market. The crowd behavior that takes over when price reaches certain targets.

Exactly what are these tipping points?

  • Congestion areas
  • Trend Lines
  • Trend Channels
  • Gaps
  • Fibonacci lines
  • Moving Averages

Do you panic sell at the bottom? Or, do you profit on the pullbacks?

Do you buy into greed at the top? Or, do you profit by selling into greed? 

Projecting Price Targets teaches you to identify and prioritize what the charts are trying to tell you. Train your eye to quickly spot the Highest Profit Trades. Stephen Bigalow takes you step-by-step in this 1-Hour Video to help you...

  • Understand the targets
  • Nail expected price behavior
  • Target prices with gaps
  • Determine which Fibonacci lines are the most likely targets
  • Know what to expect at congestion areas

Discover how to take advantage of trade opportunities that put cash in your account.

Best part? It's fast and easy!

Don't trade blind - Open your eyes to the power of trading with the security of Candlestick Precision.

Option Pit Products from Mark Sebastian:

A 6-month membership to the Option Pit Live service.

What is Option Pit Live? Option Pit Live is designed to feed option traders the best actionable options trading content on the web. Option Pit Live is a combination of daily live market discussions, our library of previous discussions, premium written content, and community access designed to improve your knowledge of trading as well as produce actionable ideas for traders new and old alike on a daily basis.

Option Pit Chat

Option Pit is offering a NEW Chat Service for traders that want access

  1. Option Pit Chat is a place to discuss trade ideas, market conditions and position management in real time.
  2. Option Pit Chat helps with idea generation, as well as providing a sounding board for risks and ideas.
  3. Option Pit Chat is meant to run 4 hours each day during market hours with different moderators including Mark, Andrew and Option Pit Pros.

The Pit Report

The Pit Report is a daily large group mentoring session taught LIVE

  1. Speculative Trades: the trainer will go over one or more interesting speculative trades on a daily basis.
  2. Short Premium Option Trades: the mentor will enter and manage condors, butterflies and calendars in a small portfolio. Traders will be able to watch, in an easy and understandable way, how true professionals trade, decide on entry, adjust trades, and determine exit points.
  3. Teaching: the educator will pick a subject to discuss or answer a set of student questions every day.

The Option Pit Strategy Letter

The intent of the Option Pit Strategy Letter is to extend the option coaching we do daily at the Pit Report.

The Daily Strategy Letter is:

  1. Actionable Directional and Non-Directional Trades: the Option Pit team will frequently enter what we consider to be favorable trades and include a description of why we are executing.
  2. Daily Trade Adjustments: as dictated by market conditions along with a description of how and why we are adjusting.
  3. Gamma Scalping, Front Spread and Volatility Arbitrage Tutorials: lessons on some of the finer points of trading.
  4. Closing of Trades: Positions are carried in print over the life cycle of the trade so subscribers can learn how positions evolve.

Community The Option Pit trading community is one of the fastest-growing trading communities on the web. Interact with other traders via the new chat service. Write on our subscriber only message board. Ask questions or provide comments throughout the daily Chat for the instructors or other students to answer. Dig into the Option Pit Library of content - subscribers have access to the full library of past Pit Reports and Daily Strategy letters.

Option Pit Beginner Boot Camp Course - 9+ Hour recording of a LIVE Beginner Boot Camp

Mark Sebastian and Andrew Giovinazzi will guide you on your path to trading options like a Pro! You will gain tools to:

  • Understand the Basics of Options Pricing
  • Master the Buying and Selling of Options
  • Learn to Sell Options Effectively
  • Use options to generate income against stock positions
  • Trade Credit and Debit Spreads for Income
  • Engage the wheel trade for better entry and exits in your stock positions
  • Trade Options For Direction Like a Pro
  • Execute Options to Produce Income

With the Option Pit Beginner Bootcamp, you will be able to manage trades that reduce risk while maximizing profit potential! 


When you add up the value of the individual components of the Candle Options bundle, you'll arrive at a price of at least $6,100. But you won't invest anywhere near that.

No, for the life of this special promotion, you can get Candle Options for...

Only 1 Payment of $1,997
3 Monthly Payments of $697

Yes! I want the Candle Options Training Program!

Add To Cart - 1 Payment of $1,997
Add To Cart - 3 Payments of $697

Your Course Instructors:

Mark Sebastian

Mark Sebastian is a former member of both the Chicago Board Options Exchange and the American Stock Exchange. The Author of the popular trading manual "The Option Traders Hedge Fund." He is a frequent guest on CNBC, Fox Business News, Bloomberg, First Business News. Sebastian has been published nationally on Yahoo Finance, quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and Bloomberg and is an ‘all-star contributor’ for TheStreet.com’s Option Profits Team. Mark has spoken for The Options Industry Council, the CBOE, the ISE, The CME, and is a co-host on the popular Option Block Podcast and Volatility Views podcast.

Mark has a Bachelor’s in Science from Villanova University.

Stephen W. Bigalow

Stephen W. Bigalow possesses over 30 years of investment experience beginning in 1976, including eight years as a stockbroker with major Wall Street firms. He holds his Business & Economics Degree from Cornell University and is the author of three top investing books;Profitable Candlestick Trading, published by John Wiley & Sons in January 2002 and the second edition in 2011. High Profit Candlestick Patterns was released in December 2005. His latest book was released at the end of 2010, entitled Candlestick Profits: Eliminating Emotions with Candlestick Signals.

Steve is an active member of AAPTA, the American Association of Professional Technical Analysts and affiliate of the "Market Technicians Association.

Yes! I want the Candle Options Training Program!

Add To Cart - 1 Payment of $1,997
Add To Cart - 3 Payments of $697

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