Bullish and Bearish Engulfing Signals

What produces the most powerful visual indications of a change of investor sentiment?

Candlestick signals!

They are the actual graphics of investors decisions, not conjecture, not future projection, but actual buy and sell decisions. The bullish and bearish engulfing signal produces clear visual identification there has been a change of investor sentiment. This is due to to a very simple premise. Human nature works the same way time after time.

The bullish and bearish engulfing signal are categorized as part of the 12 major candlestick signals. They not only provide high probability trend reversal results but they also foretell a new strong price move.Candlestick signals produce high probability results, this allows you as an investor to gain an inherent natural self-discipline, eliminating emotional trades. The probabilities become greatly in your favor.

Join us for a candlestick Mini spotlight training concentrating on the basics of candlestick analysis using the Engulfing signals.

Steve will show how to:

  • Recognize where the signals work most effectively.
  • Identify which reversals will have the strongest new trends.
  • Evaluate how the magnitude of the signal greatly improves your trade probabilities.

Imagine being able to identify high profit day trade set ups with a great consistency using the engulfing signals. You do not have to be a sophisticated technical analyst to understand candlesticks. It is common sense/simple logic understanding the investment logic built into candlestick signals.

Human nature provides you with a strong competitive edge.Want to take the guesswork out of investing?The visual aspects of candlestick analysis will become a valuable resource you can use for the rest of your day-trading career. Take advantage of this information.


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