Alpha Trader Options Course

The Alpha Trader Options Course is a fully online educational program designed to teach new traders and investors the art and science of options trading.

As the first letter of the Greek alphabet, alpha is a universal symbol for the beginning, and it’s our starting point for your options education. Whether you plan to trade over the short term, invest for the long term, or just supplement your income, it is crucial to understand all the terms, mechanics, pricing principles, and options pricing behavior. Above all, you must understand the risks and trade-offs associated with every strategy you consider.

That’s a lot to cover. It requires time. And it can be tricky if you don’t understand the art and science of options. For example, you’ve probably heard that the most you can lose on an option is the price paid. How much would you lose if you purchased a $50 call for $3, and at a later time, purchased a $55 put for one dollar? If you said $4, you’re in good company. That’s how most would answer – and why most would lose the hedging benefits that options provide.

The answer is you’re guaranteed to make at least one dollar! You can’t lose. How is that possible?

The long call gives you the right to buy shares for $50 while the long $55 put gives you the right to sell the shares for $55. If you buy for $50 and sell for $55, it’s a $5 profit. However, the total cost was only $4, so you’re guaranteed to make at least the one-dollar difference. If the stock continues rising above $55 – or falling below $50 – you’ll continue to earn profits.

Of course, a trade like that won’t be available at once. Over time, however, as prices move, you may be able to leg into such a position and create a great hedge by locking in profits – but holding out for bigger gains. Most options traders, however, miss opportunities to leg into such great hedges because they don’t understand the finer points.

The Alpha Trader Options Course teaches those points. It takes you from the very beginning, step-by-step, through an exciting journey into the world of options. At the end, you’ll have the necessary knowledge and confidence to start investing and hedging with options. In addition, you’ll have a rock-solid foundation from which to continue your options education.

There’s no software to download or set-up fees of any kind. Just go to the website link, enter your password, and you’re in! The virtual classroom has 20 videos with over 30 hours of education. Each video has a menu too – just click the topic and you’ll be taken to that section. It’s a great feature should you need to come back later to complete the class.

Bill Johnson's Alpha Trader Options Course includes:

  • Introduction
  • Definitions
  • Trading Basics
  • Market Mechanics
  • Margin Trading
  • Option Pricing Theory
  • Option Pricing Principles
  • Profit & Loss Diagrams
  • Risk and Reward Analysis
  • Delta
  • Gamma
  • Theta, Vega, Rho
  • Relationship Between Greeks
  • Synthetics
  • Hedging, Rolling, Morphing
  • Volatility
  • Intro to Technical Analysis
  • Analyzing the Best Strategy
  • Stock Replacement Strategy
  • Covered Call Strategy
  • Vertical Spreads

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Your Course Instructor:

Bill JohnsonBill Johnson is the founder of Options A to, a website dedicated to teaching investors the art & science of options trading. He has published 10 books on various financial topics including, options, single stock futures, hedging, forex, and the Federal Reserve. Bill is also an adjunct professor for a financial risk management class at Florida International University (FIU).

In his prior position, he created two online educational courses featuring options and single-stock futures. More than 300,000 students have enrolled worldwide. Bill was also a regular host for the 21st Century Alert Radio Show on WNN 1470AM.

Previously, he worked on active trader option teams at Charles Schwab. He also wrote their training manuals and taught corresponding weeklong courses in Economics and Option Strategies, Pricing and Hedging to advanced brokers.

He has articles published in Active Trader, Buy-Sell-Hold, SFO, Investor’s Observer, and Smart Money magazines and has also been quoted in Barron’s. He was added as a speaker for the Option’s Institute Master Sessions at the Chicago Board Option’s Exchange (CBOE).

Bill received a Master's Degree in Economics in 1996 and an M.B.A. in Finance in 1999 both from the University of Central Florida.

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