Accurately Identify Trend Reversals

Accurately Identify Trend reversals

Want to take the guess work out of day-trading and swing trade entries?

Whether bullish or bearish trades, you will unlock the commonsense application of the human nature confirming indicators, such as the T-line, to dramatically improve your day trade and swing trade profits.

Wouldn't you like to know the trade opportunities that have the ultimate day trade or swing trade entry timing and be able to maximize the profits of those trades? Boy, isn’t that what every trading strategy promises you?

However, Candlestick analysis provides a huge advantage! It reveals what investor sentiment is actually doing, not what a price trend might be doing.

Join us for a Mini Training, Saturday, September 10, 2022, for a concentrated identification of what signals produce a high probability trend reversal.

  • Identify the exact entry points for strong probability day trades utilizing the T-line and major moving averages.
  • Learn how to use the T-line to get in and stay in trades until it is time to maximize profits.
  • How to use candlestick signals/patterns and the T-line will eliminate those problems.

T line – an extremely accurate trend analytical tool

Do you take profits too early? Do you get constantly whipsawed out of good trades?

Using the simple T-line evaluation will dramatically improve successful trade probabilities for the rest of your trading career.


Keep ahead of the game, you will be exposed to successful examples of real-life trades that demonstrate the accuracy the T-line applied to candlestick bullish and bearish profitability.


You will gain insights that will have a major impact on your trading, and evaluate which trade breakouts have the greatest price move potentials.

For this one-time offer, you can attend Steve Bigalow’s  webinar  September 10th for a mere…


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