You asked for more, and now you can get it...

"OK, I Hear You! Here's How You Can Discover Even More Little Known T-Line and Triple-T Trading Strategies That Will Let You Bank Higher Profits More Often... With Less Risk!"

Now that you’ve seen the system in action “up close and personal”, you’re starting to realize the amazing power stored in the Triple-T Trading strategies.

And the truth is… although you can take the knowledge you now have and probably outperform a good 90%+ of the pro traders out there…  I’ve barely scratched the surface in revealing what I’ve discovered in this system after over 23 years of testing and analysis.

So for those of you who recognize a good thing when you see it and want to know much more about how to master the power in Triple-T Trading…

… I’m about to pull back the curtain and reveal even more exciting techniques and strategies that can take your trading to levels you’ve only dreamed about before…

Fellow Traders:

This is Steve Bigalow back with you again. By now, I hope you’re beginning to get just as excited as I was when I first realized the inherent profit power in my Triple-T Trading System.

I’m confident you now understand how my basic system works, and that you could realistically use the system as is to drastically improve your trading, in whatever market you trade.

Remember, the Triple-T Trading System will ALWAYS work, since it’s based entirely on human nature and mathematics.

The system is indeed exciting, since it’s so accurate and consistently profitable. I’ve demonstrated that in the training you’ve received so far. I also gave you more in-depth analysis of the system and its nuances, more strategies and tactics you can implement to fine-tune your trading success even further, and more clear case studies showing the system in action to lead you to outsized profits during all types of market scenarios.

But… as I expected… lots of you want to see even more details on this ultra-powerful trading system. It seems I’ve opened some sort of Pandora’s Box on all this… one that can’t be closed without providing you with even more market-beating success using this system.

So here’s what I’ve done…

Based on popular demand, I’ve recorded five more videos containing additional little-known, highly successful and profitable trading strategies and techniques. Think of this as the “Master’s Class” in Triple-T Trading.

So if you like what you’ve seen so far in my main Triple-T Trading class… you’ll LOVE the five additional videos I’m about to describe to you…

Are You Ready For Even MORE Triple-T Trading Goodness? Well, Here You Go…

These additional videos delve even deeper into the Triple-T trading strategies… letting you know how to use the system in many different scenarios and special situations… so you will never be at a loss knowing what to do in any market backdrop.

Here is the powerful information unveiled on these extraordinary videos:

  1. Triple-T Trading: Timing the Best Trade Entries

    This video contains over 47 minutes of unique information designed specifically to help you pinpoint your trade entries and exits… almost down to the very second you should execute them.

    You’ll discover the near magical effect of the combination of candlesticks and the T-Line, and how to use this information to become a deadly accurate trader.

    Your confidence as a trader will soon soar with the information you’ll learn on this video, as you execute trade after trade with surgeon-like precision.

  2. Triple-T Trading: The T-Line Crunch

    This video contains over 26 minutes of more in-depth information on one of the most explosive trade setup potentials I’ve ever seen.

    You really want to pay attention to how the T-Line Crunch is formed. You can score some powerful short-term profits you’ll be extremely happy with, once you discover how to recognize this dynamic situation.

    And I reveal all you need to know about the setup in this video.

  3. Triple-T Trading and the Fry Pan Bottom

    The combination of candlesticks, my Triple-T system, and certain setup patterns can make for a tremendously powerful scenario for fast, unusually large gains.

    This “Perfect Storm” scenario can be called “Triple Threat Trading”!

    One of the most explosive patterns is what I call the Fry Pan Bottom. In this video, you’re going to get exclusive training on this dynamic setup pattern, and how to trade it using my Triple-T system for maximum profits.

    Want to become a “Triple Threat” trader as the Fry Pan Bottom serves you with “delicious” returns? Then watch this video.

  4. Triple-T Trading: The Unfair Advantage

    It’s every serious trader’s dream: to get an edge… almost an unfair advantage over every other trader in the market, bordering on insider information (but legal).

    With that edge, taking profits from the market can be like taking candy from a baby. You can know exactly when to enter and exit each and every trade… with maximum gains intact.

    Well, as you’ll soon see in this video… that dream is now a reality.

    That’s because on this video, I’m going to reveal certain strategies and techniques using my Triple-T Trading system that will allow you to gain such a definite edge in your trading, you will in fact feel you have an unfair advantage over every other trader in the market.

    As I’ve said before, I’ve only released this information to my closest friends and family members thus far. But now it’s available to you, for the very first time.

  5. Triple-T Trading: The Slow Curve
  6. In this video, I’m going to reveal another pattern which… if played correctly with my T-Line and Triple-T trading techniques… can often lead to fast, explosive gains.

    And if you liked the Fry Pan Bottom video, you will LOVE this one!

    I call this pattern the Slow Curve. Although similar to the Fry Pan Bottom, it has certain nuanced differences you need to know about to play it for maximum profits.

    I reveal those differences and how to master the Slow Curve in this video.

Armed with these additional Triple-T Trading weapons, you might just be unstoppable in the trading market of your choice. Imagine how you can feel, trading with full confidence, banking profit after profit on almost every trade using one of the most deadly accurate (yet easy to learn) trading systems I’ve ever come across!

So are you ready to take your trading to
new, lofty levels?

Your investment in this exciting five-video bundle is only $347.

A pittance, really… when you consider the value of the information these specialized videos contain.

And I’ll sweeten the pot even further…

If you invest in this Triple-T Trading video bundle today… right now… I’ll also include a full month of membership in my flagship Candlestick Forum website.

That’s a $97 value alone. And it’s yours with your investment in this additional video training. If you like the service (as hundreds of our members do), then do nothing, and you’ll remain a member at the usual rate of $97 a month.

Our members claim that’s an incredible value. Let’s take a look at all you get as a full-fledged Candlestick Forum Member (as described by my staff):

A Live Trading Room

Ever hear of strength in numbers? It’s never been truer than in the trading world. Don’t go it alone! Learn from others. Ask questions. And once you’re successful, share your knowledge… all in our live trading room. There’s nothing to download. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded traders (newbie to veterans) all with one common goal: To trade profitably.

Listening To Live Expert Market Analysis From Stephen Bigalow
Turn off the news. Ignore the media. Tell the talking head to take a hike because your membership comes with timely access to one of the greatest trading minds out there: Mr. Stephen Bigalow. It’s advice and analysis based on real trading experience from a real trader, including a “Q&A With Steve” when the market opens and closes. It’s just one more way we hold your hand to profitable trading.

Starting Every Week With Real Time Stock Chart Analysis
You membership secures you a virtual seat into a very important weekly webinar… so important that it’s pretty much mandatory if you want the pinpoint accuracy you need to nail the markets every week.

In each session you’ll get a full education on technical analysis, candlestick signals, stock filtering techniques, individual critiques of stocks – basically every essential piece of information you need to trade for the week. And don’t worry, if you can’t make the 8pm EST time slot, we’ll record it for you so you can watch it whenever you ready.

Getting An Expert Opinion 2x A Day
If you’re a trader, then you know a few hours can make all the difference in the world. That’s why with your membership you get two emails from Steve (AM & PM) with his expert comments on the market. Expert comments that will not only save your trading account, but can very well be its catalyst for growth.

“Hot Picks” Delivered To Your Inbox Every Day
Steve has a VERY discerning eye for trades, so when he’s hot on something, it’s usually a VERY big deal. Which is why you’ll be able to watch your trading confidence grow every evening when you get Steve’s hot picks. These are not just recommendations, but mini training sessions… since he not only tells you what to trade, but why you should trade it, and most importantly: When.

Keeping Yourself Covered With Daily Reviews
Just like the Daily “Hot Picks,” members receive nightly videos of open positions placed into trade during the day. These reviews keep are crucial to keeping you up-to-date with specific protective stops for active positions.

What separates winners from the losers? The fact that they know when to get into a trade, but ALSO when to get out.

These tools are pretty much MANDATORY if you’re going to take trading for yourself seriously. It’s what’s going to give you a critical advantage over the thousands upon thousands of other traders out there. If you know anything about Stephen though, you know he takes his students’ success seriously. He wants everyone who listens to his advice to thrive in the markets. So by joining today, he’s giving you a few “extras” to help you succeed.

If you take action right now, he’s going to include:

  • FREE Admission to Paid Training Events – added value of $200+/month!
  • An average of two monthly Live Paid Trading Events – completely free for members to attend (plus, members receive 25% discount on any additional events not included in the twice monthly freebies)
  • Free Video-of-the-Month (added value averages $70+/month) – Selected from our active Training Products and rotated the first day of your Monthly Membership Renewal Date.

If you add all these services up, you’d be paying well over $500 a month.

So let’s wrap this up…

I hope you can see the unusual value in this video training offer. Not only will you discover unique, little-known strategies to escalate your trading success to levels you’ll be quite proud of, but I’ll literally take you by your virtual hand for a full month to help you hammer home this new knowledge so it can become part of your trading arsenal for the rest of your “trading career.”

So what do you say? Do you want to quickly become the envy of all your Trading Buddies as your trading success skyrockets over theirs?

Then invest in this specialized training, and I’ll show you how to get there.

Yours for lots of “Triple-T” profits, 

Stephen W. Bigalow
CEO, Candlestick Trading Forum

P.S. Where else would an expert trader reveal his innermost, cherished, deadly accurate trading secrets, and then follow up for a FULL MONTH to make sure you’ve mastered them for your own trading success?

That’s the offer you have in front of you now. Let’s go for it!


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