If you couldn't be there LIVE, no worries... we've got you covered...

"In Those Two Days, Certain Trading Secrets Were Revealed That Take Japanese Candlestick Trading To Rarefied New Levels..."

These unique trading strategies and techniques had been kept secret for many years now. In the past, they’ve been revealed only to close friends and family members.

But on March 8-9, 2014, that all changed…

Fellow Traders:

If you love trading using Japanese Candlesticks, then you’re going to get very excited about what I’m about to tell you…

You see, recently a 2-day LIVE trading seminar was quietly held online.

At this event, candlestick trading expert and author of three of the most popular candlestick trading education books on the planet, Stephen W. Bigalow, unveiled his unique, exclusive new candlestick trading secrets.

During that time, Steve revealed a certain set of trading strategies and techniques that he’s only shown his closest friends and family members before.

These particular training sessions have now been proven to give you a virtual unfair advantage in whatever market(s) you trade. I don’t want to let the cat too far out of the bag just yet, but I will say that Steve has taken the art and science of candlestick trading to rarefied new levels.

He’s honed his already ultra-powerful candlestick trading system to laser-like precision.  He calls this set of candlestick trading enhancements “Triple-T Trading”, which uses a new set of indicators that… quite frankly… take all the “guesswork” out of trading.

Some of Steve’s insider trading buddies are already calling his Triple-T Trading System the “Holy Grail” of trading. That’s because this system:

  • Is profitable much more often than not
  • Is so simple a 7th grader can understand how to use it successfully
  • Pinpoints proper trade entry and exit points with uncanny accuracy
  • Prevents you from being whipsawed out of a trade
  • Provides you with full confidence in your trading… forever!

The 2-day LIVE online event was held on March 8-9, 2014. The sessions started promptly at 9:00am EST and ended at 4:00pm both days.

Steve revealed his cutting-edge Triple-T Trading System and answered all questions about it on the first half of the first day. Attendees left with complete knowledge of one of the most powerful, accurate trading systems on the market today.

And the rest of the event was equally exciting…

For the next day and a half, Steve unveiled breakthrough candlestick trading strategies usually reserved for “Private Invitation Only” seminars held just for his closest friends and family members.

This “insider information” could be worth millions to certain hedge funds. But Steve revealed everything to the lucky attendees at this exclusive event.

The quality of this information is so high that Steve could easily charge over five figures for its release. But… as you’ve seen in the past… Steve is not about to gouge anyone. 

And… if you couldn’t make the live event… no problem. Fortunately, we recorded the entire 2-day online seminar. The recordings are now ready for release.

In fact, you now have the chance to get a very special deal on the recordings of this incredible event…

You see, the live attendees paid up to $897 for the 2-day online event. But for the recordings, Steve is charging only a nominal fee.

How nominal? If you go ahead and purchase today, you can view this rare series of training sessions at your leisure for only…


And I’ll sweeten the pot even further…

If you invest in this Triple-T Trading video bundle today… right now… I’ll also include a full month of membership in my flagship Candlestick Forum website.

That’s a $97 value alone. And it’s yours with your investment in this additional video training. If you like the service (as hundreds of our members do), then do nothing, and you’ll remain a member at the usual rate of $97 a month.

Our members claim that’s an incredible value. Let’s take a look at all you get as a full-fledged Candlestick Forum Member (as described by my staff):

A Live Trading Room

Ever hear of strength in numbers? It’s never been truer than in the trading world. Don’t go it alone! Learn from others. Ask questions. And once you’re successful, share your knowledge… all in our live trading room. There’s nothing to download. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded traders (newbie to veterans) all with one common goal: To trade profitably.

Listening To Live Expert Market Analysis From Stephen Bigalow
Turn off the news. Ignore the media. Tell the talking head to take a hike because your membership comes with timely access to one of the greatest trading minds out there: Mr. Stephen Bigalow. It’s advice and analysis based on real trading experience from a real trader, including a “Q&A With Steve” when the market opens and closes. It’s just one more way we hold your hand to profitable trading.

Starting Every Week With Real Time Stock Chart Analysis
You membership secures you a virtual seat into a very important weekly webinar… so important that it’s pretty much mandatory if you want the pinpoint accuracy you need to nail the markets every week.

In each session you’ll get a full education on technical analysis, candlestick signals, stock filtering techniques, individual critiques of stocks – basically every essential piece of information you need to trade for the week. And don’t worry, if you can’t make the 8pm EST time slot, we’ll record it for you so you can watch it whenever you ready.

Getting An Expert Opinion 2x A Day
If you’re a trader, then you know a few hours can make all the difference in the world. That’s why with your membership you get two emails from Steve (AM & PM) with his expert comments on the market. Expert comments that will not only save your trading account, but can very well be its catalyst for growth.

“Hot Picks” Delivered To Your Inbox Every Day
Steve has a VERY discerning eye for trades, so when he’s hot on something, it’s usually a VERY big deal. Which is why you’ll be able to watch your trading confidence grow every evening when you get Steve’s hot picks. These are not just recommendations, but mini training sessions… since he not only tells you what to trade, but why you should trade it, and most importantly: When.

Keeping Yourself Covered With Daily Reviews
Just like the Daily “Hot Picks,” members receive nightly videos of open positions placed into trade during the day. These reviews keep are crucial to keeping you up-to-date with specific protective stops for active positions.

What separates winners from the losers? The fact that they know when to get into a trade, but ALSO when to get out.

These tools are pretty much MANDATORY if you’re going to take trading for yourself seriously. It’s what’s going to give you a critical advantage over the thousands upon thousands of other traders out there. If you know anything about Stephen though, you know he takes his students’ success seriously. He wants everyone who listens to his advice to thrive in the markets. So by joining today, he’s giving you a few “extras” to help you succeed.

If you take action right now, he’s going to include:

  • FREE Admission to Paid Training Events – added value of $200+/month!
  • An average of two monthly Live Paid Trading Events – completely free for members to attend (plus, members receive 25% discount on any additional events not included in the twice monthly freebies)
  • Free Video-of-the-Month (added value averages $70+/month) – Selected from our active Training Products and rotated the first day of your Monthly Membership Renewal Date.

If you add all these services up, you’d be paying well over $500 a month.

So here it is…

Here’s your private chance to advance your trading skills to exciting new levels… reserve your personal set of videos of this amazing special event… and save up to $400 over what the live attendees paid!

Why not invest in this exclusive training now, while you’re thinking about it?

Not only that… but you’ll also get a FULL MONTH of Candlestick Trading Forum Membership to enhance your trading skills even further!

Not that’s a deal no serious trader should pass up.

Hope to see you on the inside soon.

Yours for lots of “Triple-T” profits, 

Stephen W. Bigalow
CEO, Candlestick Trading Forum

P.S. Now you can save up to $400 over what the live attendees paid for this exclusive 2-day training event! Reserve your video recordings of the event today, and join us inside the Candlestick Trading Forum for a FREE month of membership!


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