I’ve “fine-tuned” Japanese Candlesticks for the 21st century…

“Now You Can Trade Your Way to Success With
My Breakthrough New System - Triple-T Trading: Candlesticks ‘Cubed’ for Fast Profits!”

You now have the rare opportunity to be one of the Early Adopters of a simple, but truly revolutionary trading system. Once you master it, your trading confidence will soar as you nail trade after trade with laser-like precision.

This system works because of two never-changing phenomena: mathematics and human nature. That means it not only works now, but will also work to infinity…

Fellow Traders: 

This is Steve Bigalow again. I hope you’ve enjoyed my webinars and other training sessions on what I call my “T-Line Trading System.” 

I’m confident you now understand how my basic system works, and that you could realistically use the system as is to drastically improve your trading. 

As I stated in the webinar, some of you will do exactly that. But I also said there are probably many more of you who want to take matters even further… meaning, while you are quite intrigued with my basic system…you’d like to see even more.

More in-depth analysis of the system and its nuances. More strategies and tactics you can implement to fine-tune your trading success even further. And more clear case studies showing the system in action to lead you to outsized profits during all types of market scenarios. 

If that sounds like you, then keep reading…

 You see, I’ve further refined my basic system to create an “advanced”, exponentially more powerful version. I call this trading system “Triple-T Trading: Candlesticks ‘Cubed’ for Fast Profits!”

This system truly takes candlestick trading to new levels. While my basic system can be considered as your “old reliable” Chevy, my new system equates to a Lamborghini. 

If I do say so myself, I’ve truly “fine-tuned” Japanese Candlesticks for the 21st century. The Grand Game of trading just got changed (for the better) forever.

 Tall words? Well, just bear with me here for a moment…

What if you could glance at a chart of any tradable entity, and be able to tell (with reasonable accuracy) what that trade is just about to do… whether you’re analyzing a 5-minute, 15-minute, daily, weekly, or monthly chart?

 My new Triple-T Trading system will do exactly that. And now I’d like to tell you all about it…

To do so, I’ve recorded an exclusive video course that goes into the finest details of how my Triple-T system works. I leave no stone unturned in unveiling every nuance of the system, and how it works its “magic” to alert you to inevitable profit after profit.

Here are just a few of the cutting-edge secrets

I reveal in this exclusive video course…

  • How to pinpoint exactly when to enter and exit a trade… with laser-like precision. (Whether you trade in 5-minute, 15-minute, daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever increments… the system works in any time frame!)
  • How to identify the “T-Line Crunch” that flashes when your stock is about to skyrocket in price! 
  • How candlestick trading has now been fine tuned… to make more profitable trades than ever before! 
  • How to play gaps and monster moves for maximum profits!
  • Why you will never fear being shaken out of a trade again!
  • The only handful of indicators you’ll everneed to find more great trades than you can handle in a lifetime…
  • How to instantly tell if the price has moved too far in either direction, and how to position yourself for a possible massive snapback!
  • How to eliminate the greatest roadblock to successful trading… your EMOTIONS!
  • The set of moving averages that act like magnets in the trade, and how to exploit that scenario for maximum gains!
  • How the T-Line and Fibonacci numbers act like “twin brothers’’… and… knowing that fact… how to anticipate price moves for large profits…
  • How this system truly gives you an unfair advantage over every other trader in the market…since you can easily recognize what they’re doing… and… use their moves against them…
  • How to combine math and human nature to bag frequent, sizable trading gains…
  • How to use a 5-minute and 10-minute chart together to perfectly time your entry and exit points…
  • Candlestick signal TRUISMS that are like money in the bank…
  • and much more!

Listen, once you understand what I reveal on this video, you’ll never look at traditional candlestick and trend analysis again. 

Actually, you won’t need to. Once you truly “get” the information I expose on this video, you’ll never want to trade the “old-fashioned” way again. 

So if all I’ve said about this system so far is true (and I assure you, it is), how much would you pay for the content?

 Even though the video lasts about an hour, length is not really an issue when arriving at the value. After all, if I can fully describe a “Holy Grail” trading system in an hour or less, why would you want any more information?

And this is an information-dense hour. No fluff here. Just solid, actionable information on each and every PowerPoint slide.

Truth be told, I imagine I could license my Triple-T Trading System to a hedge fund for a high six or low seven-figure amount.

And Heaven knows they need it! 

While 2013 was one of the best years ever for the stock market (with the market going up almost each and every week), if you can believe this…

Most Hedge Funds Had AWFUL Returns In 2013!

At any rate, you won’t need any outside help with money management… hedge fund or otherwise… once you master my Triple-T Trading System.

So let’s cut to the chase… 

Prepare to be shocked. You can access the “Guerilla Video” of my Triple-T Trading System…

Not for $1,997 (which would still be a bargain)…

And not for $997

And not for $497…

And not even for $297…

If you invest in my exclusive video course during this special product launch, you can discover all my new secrets for just…


That’s right. For the price I used to pay in round-trip commissions, you can own the knowledge of my ultra-powerful new trading system. 

So why am I practically giving away such a valuable trading tool? That’s easy.

I figure if I show you how to make “easy money” in whatever market you trade, you’ll have enough extra on hand in the future to invest in some of my higher-end products and services.

And you’ll also have more confidence to do so, once you discover that I know what I’m talking about.

Bottom line, I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.

And I’ll even remove all risk for you…

Even though… once you watch the video and get the information, I can’t take it back…

I’ll still give you every penny of your money back within the first 30 days after your investment.

That’s right. You get a 30-day money back guarantee, with no hassles, and no questions asked.

That proves how confident I am in the system, and how much I think you’ll be absolutely amazed and pleased with it.

So are you ready to get started on your new trading journey? Then click the “Add to Cart” button below, and let’s take your trading to rarefied new levels!


Yours for profitable Triple-T trading,

Stephen W. Bigalow

Stephen W. Bigalow
CEO, Candlestick
Trading Forum

P.S. I’ve revealed the information you’ll find on this video course only to my closest friends and family members in the past. So you now have the rare chance to be one of just a few “Early Adopters” of this proven system.

P.P.S.  Just a few other traders are using this system right now – the handful of traders I’ve personally mentored. So you are truly on the “ground floor” here. Also, don’t worry about the common “bugaboo” of: “If everyone learns this system and starts using it, won’t it stop working after a while?”

Remember, my Triple-T Trading System is based on rock-solid principles that never change – math and human nature. It will always work!