A Comprehensive Review of the 12 Major Candlestick Signals

In this information-packed live online workshop, presented by Stephen W. Bigalow, you will discover that candlestick trading can be as simple as you would like it to be and that, usually, the simpler you make it the more profitable your account will be.

How do the professional investors know when to buy at the bottom? How do the professional investors know when to sell? The 12 major signals incorporate common sense into investment practices. Eliminate emotions from your investing.

Japanese Rice traders not only became wealthy by recognizing signal patterns developed by the change of investor sentiment, they became legendarily wealthy.

Prices do not move based upon fundamentals, they move based upon the perception of fundamentals.

Spending time learning the major candlestick signals, learning what the Japanese Rice traders found to work an extremely high percentage of the time, will produce a visual recognition of where a major reversal is occurring with an extremely high degree of accuracy.

Wouldn't you like to control your own investment future? Candlestick signals illustrate what investor sentiment is doing right now! You don't have to depend on all the investment rhetoric available in the markets. The signals cut to the chafe. They tell you exactly what investor sentiment is doing. Take advantage of that information yourself. Your investment returns will improve dramatically.

This is not a difficult process. Simple visual patterns have produced high profit results for centuries. Learn them and use them correctly, and you will have control of your own investment future. The signals not only demonstrate what a trend reversal should occur, they also demonstrate when that new trend will be a strong trend.

During this 4-hour comprehensive online training event, Steve's going to show you:

  • The handful of candlestick signals you need to master to find all the mouth-watering, profitable trades you can ever handle
  • How to tell with a quick glance at a chart if a stock should be bought, sold, or simply left alone
  • How to get a 2 to 3-day head start on every other trader using traditional Technical Analysis... with profits already in hand
  • How to catch the exact bottoms and tops of markets (most traders say this can't be done... hogwash! Steve will show you how...)
  • And much, much more...

Wouldn't you like to be able to easily analyze where and when strong price movements will occur? That is what candlestick signals reveal ... especially the 12 major signals.

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